Sales Outsourcing

The long-term sales success of branded goods depends on a wide range of factors. On the one hand, the appearance and placement of a product at the POS are crucial. On the other hand, the sales strategy must be continuously analyzed and adapted in order to be able to react to the changing framework conditions at an early stage. This applies not only to the behavior of potential buyers, but also to the specific industry conditions. The more adaptable the strategy is, the better opportunities at the point of sale can be taken up and profitably translated. This makes it all the more important to be able to rely on a partner who understands the overarching relationships, derives potentials and captures them with tailor-made services in sales outsourcing during outsourcing sales activities.

Experienced sales staff. Attention-grabbing marketing. Flexible product support. From the successful launch of a new product to comprehensive support for existing brand ranges – EKK Industrial Sales and Marketing Management is your experienced partner for holistic sales outsourcing. Regardless of whether you want temporary or continuous support in sales outsourcing – the focus is always on increasing the sell-out result. Because sales success is no coincidence, we secure our strategies at all relevant levels. You benefit from our expertise in numerous sales channels, field-proven methods, digitized system solutions and detailed transparency thanks to informative reporting.

Customizable solutions in sales outsourcing

The linchpin of our services in sales outsourcing are our qualified employees. Just as industry-specific requirements and prevailing market needs are constantly changing, we attach great importance to keeping our know-how up to date. Our knowledge is to your advantage. That is why we are expanding the competencies of our teams as brand ambassadors and sales staff through regular training. In this way, we ensure that even complex sales strategies can be implemented precisely and individually. From the recording of the market situation in the field of application to the positioning of the products to the observation of competitors – all findings are forwarded to you in real time.

When it comes to sustainable success at the POS, it depends on strategic, operational and analytical adaptivity. Accordingly, we always adapt our services in sales outsourcing to the requirements of our customers. You have the choice of three different models, which form the trend-setting framework around the planned measures. With the syndicated model, we act for several clients at the same time at the point of sale. A special opportunity allows us to create synergies and strengthen sales efficiency at the POS. The next option – the dedicated model – is specifically designed to ensure that sales take action exclusively for your brand. In this way, unrestricted loyalty to the brand is ensured, while the employees on site appear as authentic brand ambassadors. In terms of flexibility, the tactical model is the right choice. Here we align our services in such a way that they meet your requirements both temporally and spatially.